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Role profile for Head of Aura

Duties and responsibilities

• Work with skilled individuals to deliver projects on time and in budget.
• Maintaining relationships with current Aura clients and building up a base of new clients.
• Drawing up cost cards for a range of deliverables.
• Understand the importance of being a member of LSU Media Senate, the top level of governance within the section.


• Lead a successful commercial video production, photography and recording studio business.
• The chance to forge connections with companies and clients in various industries.
• Showcase your business acumen and sales skills.
• Gain an insight into the financial, marketing and the operational running of a commercial venture.

Useful previous experience

• Good business acumen.
• Understand when to refer decisions to responsible parties.
• Experience of working within a media environment e.g. a recording studio or freelance photography.
• Experience building relationships with paying clients and/or previous customer facing roles.

Average time commitment

• Around 10 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods

Responsible to

• Media Executive Officer
• Contracted external bodies

Similar industry roles

• Production Coordinator
• Entrepreneur
• Commissioner
• Media Sales Executive

What does the previous Head of Aura, Tom Newman, have to say about it?
“The role of ‘Head of Aura’ requires both excellent verbal and written communication skills, and an ability to manage the expectations of external and internal clients on a daily basis. You will be responsible for maintaining fluid links with other sections within LSU Media, in order to ensure that projects can be completed both on time and within budget, and above all prioritising client satisfaction. The position is both highly demanding and immensely rewarding, combining your ability to manage your own and others time, appropriate delegation & fulfilling the role of the figurehead for a commercial production company with assets in excess of £1.2 million. This is a unique position, and I would encourage any applicant with drive, enthusiasm and interest within the section to consider applying.”

Download the application form here . Deadline is Friday 28th April.

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