Top 10 Ways to Plan Your Summer


Inter-railing is an exciting and affordable way to travel your way across the world. With trips ranging from a few weeks to a few months, get on the next train and spend your summer exploring the buried depths of the world one country at a time!


No matter what you’re into – music, books, cars, and fashion – there’s a festival to suit you! Meet new people and be inspired by events around you, go alone or with friends and don’t limit yourself to Britain; you could go to a festival abroad! If you’re strapped for cash, not to worry, you can apply to be a volunteer festival steward and get in for free! All you’d have to do is a few hours of wrist banding– completely worth it!

Volunteer projects

Volunteering isn’t just a rewarding experience, but something that looks great to employers on your CV. There are entire summer programmes set for volunteers to take part in and learn valuable life and employability skills. Make a difference, maybe even change a life this summer and volunteer!


Summer is the best time of year for making memories with friends. Get back in contact with that person you miss. Bury hatchets and take the BBQ out of the garage, Pimms at the ready.


Some of the greatest creations can be found at markets. Antique, jumble, food or craft – any market has a hidden gem waiting for you to find. With some lasting for days on end, markets can serve all your birthday present and decoration needs. Be sure to include some in your summer planning so you don’t miss out on that special something!


Endless fun and adventure, holidays are a fantastic way to escape that routine you’ve got going on.  Climb a mountain, trek a rainforest or lounge on the beach for a few weeks, whatever floats your boat with whoever floats your boat.

Internships/Work Experience

Refine your skills and become the person everyone wants to hire. Gaining experience, paid or unpaid, is a fantastic way to advance your career, inform your decisions and invest in your future.


Sometimes you’ve had such a busy year that you just want to slob out and binge-watch box sets. We’ve all been there, so eat some pizza and have a cocktail whilst you’re at it to chill out in the best way you know how.

Discover a Hobby

Sometimes you realise that you’re the only person you know without a hobby. Some people play sports, others dance, you… don’t really do much of anything. Spend the summer trying out some new activities; there could be something out there you become obsessed with in no time!

Make a Bucket List

Sculpt out a list of things you want to sink your teeth into! Setting goals is a great motivator to do all the things you’ve been dreaming of doing for gosh knows how long. From redecorating your room to visiting that place you read about last year – there’s never a moment of boredom where bucket lists are concerned.

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