LSU Media Senate Applications 2017/18 | LCR Station Manager


Role profile for LCR Station Manager

Duties and responsibilities

• Run the LCR committee and chair LCR committee meetings.
• Have the final say on the schedule, content and special output of LCR.
• Facilitate the support for weaker/newer shows and DJs whilst giving the stronger/more established shows and DJs a platform to shine.
• Understand the importance of being a member of LSU Media Senate, the top level of governance within the section.


• Leading a successful student-led radio station with a rich history.
• Gaining an insight into how a radio station works and runs.
• Having the opportunity to network with industry professionals through the Student Radio Association.
• Having an important say in the direction of an established radio station in the exciting times of new media and on-demand online service.

Useful previous experience

• Previous LCR committee position preferable, or at the very least at least a year of being a committed contributor.
• Experience of leading and motivating a team.
• A keen passion for radio.
• A keen interest in Loughborough, the university/college and Loughborough Students’ Union.

Average time commitment

• Around 15 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Responsible to

Media Executive Officer

Similar industry roles

• Station Manager
• Executive Producer
• Channel Controller
• Program Editor

What does the current LCR Station Manager, Tim Hunter, have to say about it?
“Running one of the biggest sections in terms of facilities and volunteers is a rewarding challenge. You will need to lead the committee and volunteers, as a team effort is the only way to succeed. If you are organised, driven, a strong leader and most importantly passionate about media this is the role for you. However, the radio station never stops therefore the workload of the SM and the committee will be continuous, there are no days off!”

Download the application form here . Deadline is Friday 28th April.

For more information, get in touch with Jennifer Taylor  at


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