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Role profile for Head of Lens

Duties and responsibilities

• Run the Lens committee and chair Lens committee meetings.
• Run, and facilitate the running of, both regular shoots such as nights out and one-off events such as style sessions.
• Run, and facilitate the running of training for Lens volunteers.
• Understand the importance of being a member of LSU Media Senate, the top level of governance within the section.


• Leading a team of talented photographers with industry-level equipment.
• Be responsible for the content that drives the majority of the traffic to the LSU Media Facebook page.
• Gaining an insight into the the editorial process of photography.
• Having an important say in the direction of a growing new section of LSU Media.

Useful previous experience

• Experience of photography within Lens. Some experience of leadership would be useful, though is not mandatory.
• Understanding of what makes a good photograph in terms of shooting, editing and context.
• Ability to make big decisions when necessary and knowing when to refer decision up to the Media Executive Officer.
• A keen interest in Loughborough, the university/college and Loughborough Students’ Union.

Average time commitment

• Around 15 hours per week
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Responsible to

Media Executive Officer

Similar industry roles

• Photography Firm Owner
• Photography Consultant
• Editor
• Design Assistant

What does the current Head of Lens, Ushandan Kirupalaratnam, have to say about it?
“The Head of Lens is a very involved role, this member of senate will need to understand what good photography looks like and will have the final say on the content and editorial direction of the section. As a young section, the Head of Lens needs to ensure that Lens continues to grow, both through social media and the website. You will need to have a committee dedicated to their roles and ensure that this committee works well together to ensure volunteer participation and training. So if you are an organised individual with at least a bit of creativity, you may well be the person for the role of Head of Lens!”

Download the application form here . Deadline is Friday 28th April.

For more information, get in touch with Jennifer Taylor  at


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Bryn Wilkes is the two-time Vice President for Media at Loughborough Students' Union, having held a committee position in both Label and LCR in 2013-14 before being elected.

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