Label Committee Applications 2017/18 | Head of Online, Marketing and Distribution


Role profile for Label Online, Marketing and Distribution

Duties and responsibilities

• Be responsible for the publication and promotion of all online articles.
• Utilise social media in order to ensure that Label is represented as best as it can be.
• Ensure online content is correct and promoted appropriately.
• Be in charge of when articles will be published and help with the up-keep of the website.
• Ensure Label is distributed and has a large presence across campus.


• A chance to gain new skills and knowledge in online journalism, and learn about the workings of a website.
• To work as part of a marketing team, pushing the individual sections as well as LSU Media in general.
• To gain new skills in the sphere of journalism, both print and online.
• A great addition to a CV.

Useful previous experience

• To have worked closely with Label Magazine, or a similar publication, in order to understand the deadlines and demands of the role.
• Understanding of WordPress.
• An interest and skills in graphic design (useful).
• Be willingly to learn about coding and the building of websites.
• A keen eye for proof reading.

Average time commitment

• Around 12 hours per week.
• Additional time during busy periods like Exec Elections.

Responsible to

Media EO, Label Editor

Similar industry roles

• Journalist
• Editor/Assistant Editor/Section Editor
• Copy Editor
• Social Media

Download the application form here . Deadline is Sunday 4th June.

For more information, get in touch with Lydia Kah-Pavlou .


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