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Role profile for Label Culture Editor

There will be two successful applicants for this position.

Duties and responsibilities

• To recruit writers and manage the section (with a fellow editor)
• To help think of new and interesting article ideas and encourage writers to think of their own.
• To support other sections of Label Magazine.
• Edit articles for online and print.


• Learn how to manage a group and work within in a team.
• Have work published in print and online.
• To gain new skills in the sphere of journalism, both print and online.
• A chance to expand on creativity and push your section in new and different directions.

Useful previous experience

• An interest in different aspects of culture as it is a varied section.
• An interest and skill in writing and editing.
• To have written for Label Magazine/another publication/personal blog etc

Average time commitment

• Around 10 hours per week.
• Additional time during Exec Elections.

Responsible to

Media EO, Label Editor

Similar industry roles

• Journalist
• Editor/Assistant Editor/Section Editor
• Copy Editor
• Social Media

Download the application form here . Deadline is Sunday 21st May.

For more information, get in touch with Media EO, JT.


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