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This weekend saw an NUS Delegate Election in which 6 candidates ran for a position to represent us, the Loughborough Students, in the upcoming NUS Conference.

Although the election was poorly publicised, many people failing to be informed at all, the election went ahead and we now have 5 Loughborough representatives, preparing to head to Liverpool in April. Six candidates sought votes across social media platforms, increasing the awareness of the election and of course, asking for your vote.

As LSU President Rob Whittaker will be attending as an ex-officio delegate, we now have an equally represented team of delegates for the conference, in line with new rules from the NUS, introduced just this year.

Meet our new elects

Your successful Delegates are:

  • Steph Noble– received 54.17 of the elected vote, coming out on top in the election.
  • Corey Hackett– in at a close second, Corey received 54.00 of the elected vote.
  • Jenna Holmes– our new VP Societies will be attending the conference on an elected vote of 49.09.
  • Rosie Harvey– next years VP Action will also attend, having received 42.55 elected vote.
  • Dan Leedham– will be returning to the conference having been last year, on an elected vote of 31.25.

The full table of results can be viewed here. These figures work on a points system, converted from actual voting turn- out, which was double that of last years election. 

What is the conference about?

The NUS Conference is a national event, set to be attended by representatives from Student Unions across the country, representing the views of their respective Unions.

What role will our delegates actually play?

There are three main roles involved for the students- their roles over the three days will include them being able to vote on policies, elections and reports. Our five representatives will have their say, on behalf of Loughborough, on things that affect all students nationally.


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