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Jordan Smallin, GB Bobsleigh brakeman from Loughborough University, is currently travelling around the world competing in a series of eight events that collectively make the Bobsleigh World Cup Tour. I caught up with him in between his travels to find out how he was getting on and to get an insight into this phenomenal experience to find out where it all began.

I: Firstly, congratulations on your selection for the GB Bobsleigh team this winter, I bet you’re delighted to have this opportunity, where did it all start for you? What got you into Bobsleigh?

J: Well it all started in sixth form, I was on course to complete my initial tests to join the marines when a coach at Oaklands College made me aware of the trials that were coming up for an opportunity to start a bobsleigh programme, funnily enough I did pretty well and the team advised me to go to Loughborough University if I wanted to continue my training – and that’s exactly what I did. My selection for the GB Team was through a series of talent ID sessions, and high performance training, one of which was centered in Texas where we trained at Michael Johnson’s Centre in warm weather conditions – the beginning of many intense training sessions.

I: We all see you in PowerBase on a regular occasion, how often do you train a week? Is it a high demanding sport?

J: It is definitely hard work, but that’s the benefiting part of it, I enjoy all the training and my weekly schedule is extremely intense as I train seven days a week. I’m in the gym for two of those days, on the track for four, and technically on my ‘rest day’ I’m stretching and trying to get in some ‘chill-time’.

I: So Jordan, you’ve just got back from an exciting couple of weeks in the USA for your first race in the World Cup Tour, how was that for you?

J: It was an incredible experience, America was the part of the tour I was most looking forward to and it was my first race in the senior World Cup Tour. My partner was Lamin Deen for the race, we are a relatively new pairing as I usually race with Olly Biddulph, but I believe we made a great start, especially with a great push in our second heat that allowed us to go up in the table. It’s made me extremely excited for the upcoming events and has definitely pushed me to do well – what a better place to start the tour off at.

I: With a thrilling winter ahead, what are your long- term and short -term goals for you and bobsleigh?

J: My short-term goal is of course currently focusing on the World Cup Tour and getting some great runs in so that we can hopefully compete in the end of season World Champs this year, as I have competed in this at junior level but now I want to go in at senior. The ultimate, long term goal is to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea – that would be insane.

I: Well from us all here at Label Sport we wish you the best of luck with the rest of the tour and your future with Bobsleigh, thank you for taking time out from training to talk with us, enjoy your break!

 As quoted by Jordan after his first heat at Lake Placid, ‘Loughborough University all the way, Walk on Water’ – always representing.

His journey so far…

Jordan started the 2014-2015 World Cup Tour off in Lake Placid, USA where he placed 16th overall with his driver Lamin Deen after a time of 1:52. Watch this race on YouTube on Bobsleigh and Skeleton TV: 2-Man Bobsleigh Heat 1 World Cup Tour 2014/2015 – you can also watch Heat 2 on a separate video. We will be keeping in touch with Jordan to remain updated on his progress through the tour and we will share his success with you via our twitter and with an online article.

Follow GB Bobsleigh team to keep up to date with our competitors over the winter tours: @GBBobsleigh

Interviewed 14th November 2014


Name: Jordan Smallin

Course: Sport Science

Age: 21

AU Club: Athletics

Jordan USA


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