Top 5 Signs That You Need to Clean Your House/Flat


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By Nikki Ramos Clarkson

As we all know, being a student can mean that certain responsibilities are shrugged off. How often have you walked into a friend´s student house/flat and thought “eurgh?! This place needs a clean!” For many, going to university is the first time living away from home. Consequently, there is no one telling us to clean our dishes, take out the rubbish or tidy up after ourselves. Living in a house of seven, I have found that things can get rather out of hand on an occasional basis. Here are the top five signs that should definitely indicate that you need to clean your house/flat:

  1. You know your house needs a clean when… the sink becomes so clogged up with food that you can no longer wash your dishes without encountering Niagara falls within the confines of your kitchen!
  2. You know your house needs a clean when… there are no longer any visible surfaces in the kitchen because they are either: a) hidden under a mountain of dirty dishes, OR: b) smeared with all sorts of food/ left over sauces! It is particularly worrying when your housemates resort to ONLY cooking ready- made meals because the pots and pans haven´t been cleaned in so long that even attempting to scrape off the leftover food remains is useless. It is also rather concerning when you see your housemate resorting to using paper plates and plastic knives and forks on a regular basis… Your cleaning utensils have become so dirty that when you actually clean your dishes/cutlery they appear just as dirty as they were before.
  3. You know your house needs a clean when… you start to encounter things such as a rotting banana skin in the most unlikely of places: the sofa for example!
  4. You know your house needs a clean when… the rubbish hasn´t being taken out in so long that strange smells start proceeding from the bin container and you worry that you may possibly soon encounter a rat invasion!
  5. You DEFINITELY know your house needs a clean when you have to resort to wearing your designated `Echos shoes´ just for walking around the lounge/kitchen. The reason for this being that the floor has become remarkably sticky after numerous `pres´ and a definite lack of cleaning after.

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