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It’s that time of year again – LSU Media Senate and committee applications are open until Monday 23rd April. I know that many of you who are considering applying have got a shedload of questions, so here are ten popular questions with answers that will hopefully satisfy your curiosity – to a degree at least.

1)     What’s the difference between Senate and committee?

Senate is essentially the top level of LSU Media. There is a committee for each section (Label, LCR, LSUTV and Lens), and the head of each section sits on Senate, along with some other positions. Senate is simply the committee above the committees.

2)     Do I get paid?

No, but being active in Media opens up all sorts of potential experiences. Some are paid, many are not, but tons of them are so good that the pay doesn’t even matter!

3)     Should I only apply for one position?

There’s absolutely no reason to limit yourself. My advice is that if you’re caught between two, three, or even more, apply for all of them!

4)     I know someone who is applying for the position that I want, should I not bother?

You should definitely still bother! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, and besides, it’s important to get the best person in the role, which could be you. Anyway, as aforementioned, there’s nothing stopping you from applying for a couple to give yourself a buffer.

5)     I don’t think I’m experienced/competent enough yet, will that be a problem?

It depends entirely upon the position that you are considering. Some roles will be highly specialised and only appropriate for those with experience, whereas some are either very easy to learn or are linked to other skill sets you may have. The best thing to do is ask me or a current Senate or committee member.

6)     My course takes up a lot of my time, will I be able to fit a committee position in to my week?

Clearly this depends both on what course you are on and what role you are considering. Don’t count anything out though; we have had Senate members who are on engineering courses, so it can certainly be done with the right time management. Furthermore, no-one will ever expect you to put media before your degree – concessions will always be made for your education.

7)     Will there be a handover period?

Every Senate position will hopefully be filled by May and every committee position not long afterwards. Once they’re filled, there will be a formal handover between current and oncoming members. It means you’ll have the chance to get to grips with what’s expected of you before the madness of #LSUFreshers18 ensues.

8)     I’m on placement next year, does that count me out?

Not necessarily! Some Senate and committee roles can be fulfilled with minimal actual contact time. The best thing to do is apply anyway and we can address any issues in the interview.

9)     Is it an issue that I don’t really know anyone in Media?

Not at all! One great thing about Media is the number of friends you can make; we always make a real effort to make sure no-one feels like they’re on their own in the Media Centre. Don’t fret, I promise you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

10)  Can I get any advice from the incumbent of any position I’m interested in?

Yes! Any senate or committee member would be happy to discuss with you – either in person or electronically – their experience in the role. Email me at to ask for their contact details.

If you have any more questions, you can ask me at . I hope this helped!

Jazz Jefferies – Assistant Head of Media 2017/18


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