Exec Candidate Sophie Farley: All You Need to Know


Exec Candidate Sophie Farley: All You Need To Know

Name: Sophie Farley

Course: Drama

Hall: Harry French

Running For: Societies Federation President


Having been a part of the Federation ever since her first year in Loughborough, to say that Sophie Farley is a societies enthusiast would be an understatement. As Chair of the Stage Society, Sophie knows what it takes to be in charge and to have responsibilities. Sophie also has well thought out plans for if she were to be elected, these include developing the ‘Give it a Go’ week and improving the accessibility of the societies overall, to better engage students and particularly Freshers. With a bubbly and positive attitude, I can guarantee Sophie will leave an impression this week. Be sure to ask her about her experience with Young Farmers Association, a unique asset to say the least!


1.       Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Societies President because during my time at University, the societies have provided me with the best experience out of everything (course, hall etc). Therefore I think it is an important part of uni life and I want to be a part of making it important for everybody. There are over 80 societies available and I genuinely feel like there is one for everyone and I think getting people to know that is really important

2.       What makes you more suited than other candidates?

I have been Chair of Stage Society and through that time been in the position of leadership and working with a team to create the best that our society can be. So I feel like I have had experience in leading a team. I also have quite a few new ideas that I would like to bring in to the section from my experience within it that I think could make it better. For example I would like to make the communication between the Societies President and the societies a bit better by having a representative for certain sections of the society the interaction would be very easy for any committee members

3.       Tell us a bit about your campaign theme

My campaign theme is Sophie ‘Marley’ Farley, so Bob Marley. Basically because I love reggae music and its very catchy. I think it’s got loads of things attached to it for example tye-dye, I have literally spent the last week just tye-dying stuff, going to give out brownies, drug free obviously, not encouraging that! I just think it’s colourful so hopefully people will remember it. And it means I can do things like a jamming session to link in the performance societies

4.       What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

I think the biggest thing for me is about promoting the societies. I talk in my manifesto about linking up with the other heads of sections, what I mean by that is that I would like society committees, if the new Head of Media would permit it, to undergo training to use the equipment whereby they can make a promotional video for their society which would be readily available online. This would then link into a couple of my others, for example making a brochure to understand what societies are about, but if there is a promotional video available this would be easy to access and Freshers will be able to understand what each society is about, so that is the biggest thing for me.


5.       In one sentence, why should people vote for you

People should vote for me because I am very energetic, I am very passionate about the societies available and I am ready to listen to any advice or problem that they face and help them with anything they may come across.


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