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As part of the inter-hall competition, each set of Media Reps were set the challenge of writing an article for Label. For the next three weeks on a Friday, Label Online will be publishing the best of these pieces, with the winner being published in Issue 12 of the magazine on May 11. This article was submitted by Butler Court and came fourth. 

Having spent the last year on committee and with a new group of people taken over, now is a time when you start to look back at the work you’ve done over the last year.

Only the other day I looked down the Butler Court YouTube Channel to reminisce and watch some of my favourites again.  Many members in a way will feel the relief of coming off committee as they no longer have to deal with the many problems and challenges that they face and I am one those people. However, there are parts of my role as a media rep that I will miss.  

The satisfaction of people enjoying something that you’ve produced and also getting involved with various aspects of the hall are such examples. I have also learnt a lot while being a media rep, editing videos, editing websites and filming techniques are just a few things that I have managed to improve while being a media rep.  Being on committee also allowed me to relive freshers' week as well which is always a plus and even though the workload on my course increased, it still was pretty easy to manage my role and my course. 

So with all the benefits I’ve experienced over the year it does make me wonder why it is difficult to fill up committee positions at the moment. Butler isn’t the only hall which hasn’t managed to fill all positions at the first hustings as it seems the appeal of being a part of the committee has worn off. Being integral to the running of a hall isn’t to everyone’s taste and that is understandable; but the main worries I hear about are usually to do with feeling there’s too much work to do and also that role has too much responsibility.

I thought about this at one point when I first thought about running and decided that the benefits outweighed the cost of time put into the role. This is the case for most members of Butler’s committee as well. They have all taken something from their role which they value. 

Next time you see a position available in your hall, think twice before completely rejecting the idea. You never really know what you’ll gain from it till you give it a go. 


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