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Entertainment Stylised drawing of Marilyn Manson with the text "Abuse allegations"

Volunteer Writer, Leah Langley, discusses the recent abuse allegations made against Marilyn Manson Trigger Warning: This article contains heavy themes surrounding abuse and sexual assault …

Entertainment Outline of two Brigerton characters, with the text "Brigerton Review"

Volunteer Writer, Amie Woodyatt, explores Netflix’s smash hit series, ‘Bridgerton’ Warning: spoilers ahead. Not that it needs a warning. Frankly it’s glaringly obvious that Daphne…

Entertainment image of Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit resting on her hands. still from the series with the title running along the lower half of the image

Volunteer writer, Amie Woodyatt, reviews one of Netflix’s new smash hit shows, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. d4 d5 c4 In two moves Beth Harmon (played by…

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